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80-90 / Sash-Adelante
- CC CatchI Can Lose My Heart Tonight( 80-)
- 80-90-Fancy Flames Of Love (audiopoisk.com)
L- (65)
Ace of Base-All that she want
Ace of Base-All that she wants
Touche-What can i gay
Mr.President-Coco Jamboo
Tom Jones & Mousse T-Sex bomb
Culture Beat -Crying in the r
Culture Beat -Crying in the ra
Masterboy-Feel of the night
Gina T-Tokyo by night
- MaxxNo more
Scatman John-Scatman s world
La Cream-Say goodbye
- SandraSandra- Sekret Land
- SandraSandra-Around my heart
- SandraMaria Magdalena (album version)
- SandraIn The Heat Of The Night
Sandra-In the heat of the nigh
Solid Bace-Set me free
Snap-Rhythm is dancer
Snap-The power
Cool Cut-Gangster s paradise
E-Type-Russian lullaby
DJ Bobo- Somebody dance with m
Lou Bega-Mambo#5
E-Type-Set the world on fire
Modern Talking-You re my hear
Modern Talking-Brother louie
Pet Shop Boys-It s a sin
Chris Norman-Hunters of the ni
Baccara-Yes sir,i can boogie
Digital Emotion-Go go yello y
Scooter- I was made fore lovin

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